Hydra War Rocket CAD model renderings.

Did you every wonder how those fantasic War Rocket minis were created.  Well, it starts with a fully detailed solid model made with at 3D CAD system.  Here is a little sample of the 3D CAD model renderings.  Yeah… how cool is that?

G3+Final-1 G4-Side Imperial+Cl+1--final+ortho Z3+final+1 zenithain+class+2


6 comments on “Hydra War Rocket CAD model renderings.

  1. These are all such amazingly beautiful pieces of design work. War Rocket is so great on both fronts, awesome game rules which are colossal fun with any miniatures and a range of miniatures which are truly exquisite.

    Any chance we could get a nice big pic of my favourite design the Imperial class2 Raptor?

      • I haven’t done any war rocket art of my own yet. I was hoping you had a CAD pic of it too.

        Once i get the time to work out how to get GIMP working as well as i used to handle photoshop (not that i was very good or anything) i do intend to throw some art together. Till then the best i could do is provide a better pic of the most-finished painted miniature i have which should be up on a battle report hopefully up on our blog tomorrow.

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