Ogre Miniatures Modular Battle Tiles

To make my Ogre game board I glued polystyrene foam on 12 inch tiles. I cut the foam to size first so I could make rivers that dropped below the top of the land. The tiles can be assembled in a variety of ways. Add hills and cliffs, trees and roads… and you have an amazing modular play table.


3 comments on “Ogre Miniatures Modular Battle Tiles

    • It was a bit of a project. I made about 40 tiles. Each one has 1 inch of styrofoam trimmed and glued on. I cut in the water features with a hot knife cutting it so that they would all fit together matching the angle and position for every tile. I painted each one green and then glued on green flocking. I then painted the water features with gloss blue paint. I didn’t keep track of the hours I spent on this…. probably 40 hours or more…. haha.

      • it looks great. I haven’t ever played Ogre but i can easilly enviage giving the hex-less version of battletech a try on that map.

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