Metal Mayhem!


Robot Forces are lining up in preparation for the assault.

This is one of the test scenarios for Raygun.  A massive force from the Robot Legion must break through a fortified Galacteer defensive line.  Guaranteed to results in giant piles of smoking hulks… but will the Robots break through?????


View from behind the lines.  Get ready men…. here they come!


Robots are ready!


Oh mighty Queen Mechanika…. we will destroy this fortification…. our advanced forces have determined that the walls are made from childrens building blocks…


Bring it tin pants!


7 comments on “Metal Mayhem!

  1. Oh wow that looks awesome!
    Good to see the different robots near one another, helps give a sense of scale.
    I’m definately looking forward to the release of retro raygun.

  2. We played twice on Friday. In the first game the Robot Legion poured into the open field as quickly as possible. The robots did not slow down to shoot and got blasted by the Galacteers as they trudged across the open field. Several robots closed the gaps and had almost engaged in hand to hand combat. Ultimately though, the good rolling from the Galacteers finished off the robots without allowing any to break through.

    In the second game the Robots stayed behind cover and fired on the Galacteers until they could scatter some of the defenders. This strategy was reasonably effective in clearing out some of the Galacteer defenders. Yet again however, the Robot Legion was defeated. Ultimately, the emplaced batteries were too strong for the Robots to defeat.

    I will run this several more times. A tweak here and there will balance the scenario. This is a really fun setup with lots of shooting.

    • That sounds awesome fun!
      I’m really looking forward to being able to have Retro Raygun and War Rocket games following on from one another. When it comes out i’d be tempted to make maps of some of the larger classes of rockets interiors as game boards to play out boarding actions.

      It’ll be really interesting to see how the different factions work on foot. I’m really itching to see what the Imperial miniatures will be like if/when they come out, the Zenithians too.

  3. Played this scenario a few more times and had a great time with it. The robots need about three times the number of points as the Galacteers and the open gap to the wall should be about 20 inches. Lots of shooting and screeming as the robots pour across the table! Victory for the Galacteers came down to one desparate rearward shot! Zablam!…and the robots were once again defeated by the valliant Galacteers!

  4. A 3 to 1 ratio makes for a very dramatic visual experience! I remember back when i got into Kryomek and they had a points multiplier for the xenomorph-ish Kryomek (who are short-ranged and close combat based) depending on the amount of terrain. The look on the human players face when they saw how much they were outnumbered by the Kryomek when they got their way and had a minimal terrain battlefield (which they were used to trying to use for an advantage in 40k marine vs tyranid games) was priceless.
    Will the scenario work as well for other forces in place of the Galacteers and Robots or does it depend on their relative strengts and unique attributes?

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