Ogre Miniatures Modular Battle Tiles

To make my Ogre game board I glued polystyrene foam on 12 inch tiles. I cut the foam to size first so I could make rivers that dropped below the top of the land. The tiles can be assembled in a variety of ways. Add hills and cliffs, trees and roads… and you have an amazing modular play table.


Ray Gun Girl

Ray Gun Girl

Check out this blog called “People of Earth”.  A great collection of art.

Take me to your leader

By Commander Mudpie Posted in Pulp Art

Metal Mayhem!


Robot Forces are lining up in preparation for the assault.

This is one of the test scenarios for Raygun.  A massive force from the Robot Legion must break through a fortified Galacteer defensive line.  Guaranteed to results in giant piles of smoking hulks… but will the Robots break through?????


View from behind the lines.  Get ready men…. here they come!


Robots are ready!


Oh mighty Queen Mechanika…. we will destroy this fortification…. our advanced forces have determined that the walls are made from childrens building blocks…


Bring it tin pants!

A Few Rocket Photos

Let’s start out with a few photos of some of my rockets,  These beauties are from the Hydra Miniatures line of War Rocket.  Notice the extra thruster for increased speed.

More Speed!

and here are some Imperials with their armor shining!

In the name of Marduk!